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TB30 Exhaust at Réno Air Race

253 mph or 407 km/h average speed at Réno Air Race in the Sport Bronze category!

When Olivier Langeard approached us with the idea of developing a race exhaust to improve the performance of his plane

of his plane in order to participate in the Réno Air Race, we did not hesitate for long!

In less than 2 months, we designed a specific race exhaust that fits into the very confined engine cowls of the TB30.

Thanks to the collaboration of Nogaro Aviation, which provided us with a plane, we were able to scan very precisely,

using our 3d Hexagon arm, the engine environment of this aircraft.

We were thus able to define a digital model that helped define a strict specification for this design.

We optimized the lengths of the 6 primary tubes according to the space under the hoods.

The two-seater tandem architecture of the aircraft, with very narrow engine cowls, made this design work difficult.

The result is there: the gain in speed is of 5 knots, which allowed the pilot to exceed the barrier of 400 km/h

the material used is inconel 625 in thickness 6/10e; the gain in weight compared to the original exhaust is more than 2kg.

In order to reduce the heat in the engine environment, we applied a surface treatment like Cerakote titanium

this high tech treatment allows to create a thermal barrier to avoid the radiation of the exhaust

This experimental exhaust is available in 2 versions:

1/ Free exhaust without silencer

2/ Exhaust with silencer integrated in the engine compartment;

This version is supplied with a cabin heater.

The Cerakote treatment is optional.


For the moment, this exhaust is available in experimental version

a certification work is in progress

These pictures were taken during the Reno Air Race on the TB30 racing plane


MateriaL: Inconel 625
Speed performance gain: 5 knots
Back pressure gain: 20 mbars
Motorisation:  Lycoming O-540-C4D5D engine
Quality document: Expérimental
Applicability: TB30 planes, voir fiche

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