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About us


A know-how, a passion

Maurice Chabord has always had a passion for mechanical sports. At a very young age, he built a go-kart while learning his trade, boiler making and welding. His teachers and apprenticeship masters, of whom he speaks with admiration, will allow him to acquire an extraordinary competence in the manual transformation of metals and other welding methods.

In addition, he participated as an amateur in regional rallies, including the famous Mont Blanc Rally in the years Alpine Berlinette, R 8 Gordini, Porsche 911 … This allowed him to approach the tenors of the time in an atmosphere of passion. Hill climbs and 24H du Mans maintain his curiosity of the automotive world.

The Aero-Club of Annecy-Meythet, very close, is a place of discoveries and inexhaustible dreams. The fascination is at its peak during air shows…

F1 experience

The partneship with the biggest teams such as Mclaren Williams, Benetton, Sauber, Jord, Prost GP has allowed us to explore the use of materials whose added value in terms of resistance to heat and vibration is exceptional. The requirement of this discipline in terms of manufacturing complex parts, has allowed us to develop processes mixing boiler making, precise machining and additive manufacturing.



Our Expertises


Our Design Office, equipped with several CAD stations, offers its know-how during the preliminary study and design phases.


A constant team of journeymen, highly qualified workers and apprentices trained within the company master the most demanding production and welding techniques.

Quality control

All our parts are inspected with a ” HEXAGON 3D ” device, in a room with a constant temperature of 20°C.

Our job

Our presence for more than thirty years at the highest level of motorsport confirms a unique know-how and experience in the design and manufacture of exhaust systems and complex mechanically welded parts in the automotive, aeronautical and research laboratory fields for industry.

We have expertise in the shaping and welding of materials such as inconel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steels and structural steels. We work with very thin thicknesses up to 4/10th of a millimeter.

We get involved on demand on all types of projects, from plans or simply from a specification. We integrate in our study the various technical constraints and the characteristics of motorization.

30 years of passion and innovation in motorsports and aeronautics

Matériaux nobles


Atelier CHABORD has built its reputation on its innovative approach. This curiosity has led us to explore unknown areas in the use of new materials. In 1987, it introduced in F1, the use of a new material designed by NASA for the nozzles of the Colombia rocket. This material, called INCONEL, has incredible mechanical properties for extreme use. It can be used up to 1300°c. Its mechanical characteristics are much higher than those of stainless steel. This material is very resistant for parts subjected to radical and extreme use with high temperatures and strong vibrations.


Our goal is to provide very light parts. Our company can manufacture parts in TITANIUM which is the best compromise between weight and resistance.

Our Partners