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Our latest achievements

TB30 Exhaust at Réno Air Race

3 into 1 tuned exhaust

September 25, 2021
Matra MS630 exhaust

Échappement TURBO compact et performant

July 13, 2021
Extra 330 SC exhaust

Type 6-2-1 mufflerless connected exhaust for competition use

May 21, 2021

Our news

STC Up Dated

En collaboration avec plusieurs partenaires équipés d’imprimantes 3D pour réaliser de la production additive , nous pouvons réaliser des pièces complexes issues de cette

technologie en les assemblant par soudure avec des pièces de tôlerie ou des pièces mécaniques

Les propriétés mécaniques des pièces réalisées en additif sont 30% supérieures à celles de pièces réalisées en fonderie

July 4, 2022
Additive manufacturing

In collaboration with several partners equipped with 3D printers for additive production, we can produce complex parts from this technology by welding them with sheet metal parts or mechanical parts.

The mechanical properties of parts made with additive manufacturing are 30% higher than those of parts made by casting

May 21, 2021
Hexagon 3D arm

In 2001, we were pioneers in acquiring a 3D ROMER arm for the three-dimensional control of all our projects We recently had the idea to replace it with a new and more powerful 3D arm; It allows to control points in space with a precision of 0.02 mm, on a radius of action of 2…

May 18, 2021

who we are?

30 years of passion and innovation in motorsports and aeronautics

Our presence for more than thirty years at the highest level of motorsport confirms an exclusive know-how and experience in the design and manufacture of exhausts and complex mechanically welded parts in the fields of automotive, aeronautics and research laboratories for industry.
We have expertise in the shaping and welding of materials such as inconel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steels and structural steels. We work with very thin thicknesses up to 4/10th of a millimeter.

Our expertises


We get involved on demand on all types of projects, from plans or simply from a specification. We integrate in our study the various technical constraints and the characteristics of motorization

Design office

Our Design Office, equipped with several CAD stations, offers its know-how during the preliminary study and design phases.


A constant team of journeymen, highly qualified workers and apprentices trained within the company master the most demanding production and welding techniques.

Quality control

All our parts are controlled with a ” HEXAGON 3D ” device, in a room with a constant temperature of 20°C.

Quality control

Agreements and qualifications

All our parts are controlled with a “HEXAGON 3D” device, in a room with a constant temperature of 20°C. A PART 21 aeronautical production approval issued by the EASA (European-Aviation-Safety- Agency) formalizes all manufacturing methods. This process accompanies the entire production process to ensure the reproducibility of the parts and their conformity.

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