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Robin DR400-120 Exhaust

Exhaust connected type 4 in 1 with, four primary tubes of an identical length of 850mm joined together in a Collector then in a tail pipe. A swivel tube allows to absorb the mobility between the primary exhaust and the silencer installed under the cockpit.

This product has been designed to cover the entire range of ROBIN DR400 equipped with a Lycoming O-235 engine.

The respect of the identity of the lengths of the primary pipes allows an equivalent output for each cylinder, bringing a gain on the fuel consumption (approximately 10% at equal performance) while decreasing the vibrations engine for a better comfort inside the cockpit. The gain in climb is 13%.

The thermal recovery of the exhaust gas flow supplies the carburetor and the cabin heater. Carburetor heater and cabin heater boxes installed respectively on the primary and tailpipe manifolds.
The choice of materials with high thermal resistance ensures excellent reliability.

A revision of the Silencer is required every 600 hours for the necessary inspection of the soundproofing materials.

55 aircraft are equipped with this product; the first exhaust installed in 2005 has accumulated 6000 flight hours.


  • The  STC EASA 100114147, REV 2 covers the installation of a tuned exhaust manifold and muffler
    in place of standard exhaust
    it’s available for following aircrafts:
    – DR400-2+2 équipped with Lycoming O-235 H2C et C2C engines and EVRA 88-75-34 F propellers or  Mc Cauley propellers
    1A 105/BCM7056, 1A 105/BCM7060 ou 1A 90/ECM7250 .
    DR315 et DR300-108 équipped with Lycoming O-235 C2A ou C2C engines and  EVRA 88-75-34F propellers or
    – Mc Cauley 1A 105/BCM7056 proppelers , 1A 105/BCM7060 ou 1A 90/ECM7250 .
    – DR400-120 equipped with Lycoming O-235 K2A et K2B ou L2A engine with Sensenich 72CKS6-0-54 propellers,
    72CKS6-0-56 ou McCauley 1A135/JCM7147 propellers  or Hoffman HO-14-178/115 propellers.
    – DR400-120D équipped with Lycoming L2A engine and Sensencich 72CKS6-0-56 propellers or
    Hoffman HO-14-178/115 proppelers.
    – DR400-100 équipped with Lycoming O-235 L2A engine and Sensenich 72CKS6-0-56 propeller


These pictures were taken during the assembly of the first Exhaust on a DR400-120d aircraft of the Annecy flying club


Materials: Inconel 625, Stainless steel 316L, steel 15CDV6
Climb speed gain: 13%
Consumption gain : 10 %
Motorization:  Lycoming O-235 engine
Approval: STC n° 100114147 rev 2;
Applicability:  DR400-120 aircrafts

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Documents to download

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