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Matra MS84 exhaust

For this car, we realized a tuned exhaust by respecting the engine development realized by Matra in 1970, which imposed a length of the primary tubes of 770 mm and a diameter of the primary tubes d40

the architecture of the exhaust is a 6-3-3 ; it’s an independent design developed by Matra, which gives to the exhaust a very spectacular look

the exhaust is realized with the same process used by the companions at Matra at the time; the tubes are out of steel. They are bent in one piece following a very old process. Indeed, they are filled with sand of forging. This one is packed until no more movement of the sand in the tube;

finally, this one is heated to “red”, then bent by respecting crupuleusement of space position templates.

the finishing of this exhaust is a chromium plating


The Matra MS84 was the fifth single-seater produced by Matra (after the MS9, MS10, MS11 and MS80). The Ford Cosworth DFV car (3000 cc engine, estimated at about 420 hp (313 kW)

The MS84 made its first appearance at the Dutch Grand Prix, where Jackie Stewart tested the car but chose to use his MS80, as he would for the rest of the season.

The car was always present at all the remaining races as a spare, and at Silverstone, Jean-Pierre Beltoise gave the car its first run and came home in ninth place, six laps behind Stewart’s two-wheel drive Matra .

The next time the car ran, the front differential had been disconnected and the car was effectively running as an overweight MS80 with inboard front brakes, memorably giving the lie to Johnny Servoz-Gavin’s protests about the car being “impossible to drive” after finishing the Canadian Grand Prix six laps down in sixth place. Servoz-Gavin also drove the car at Watkins Glen, finishing 16 laps and unranked, and finally in Mexico, crossing the line “just” two laps down in eighth place.

Although there was a plan for a 4WD Matra MS 124, the MS84 was never replaced.


Material: Steel XC18 10/10e
Primaries legnht tubes: 770 mm
Architecture 6-3-1
Motorisation:  Matra V12 engine
Power:  350 ch
Weight :  8kg

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