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Matra MS120 exhaust

For this car, we realized a tuned exhaust by respecting the engine development realized by Matra in 1970, which imposed a length of the primary tubes of 770 mm and a diameter of the primary tubes d40

the order of assembly of the primary tubes in the 6in1 respects the order of ignition : 1-8-5-10-3-7-6-11-2-9–4-12

the small deviation from the historical spirit is the choice of the material, focused on inconel ; the resistance of this one allowed to reduce by 40% the weight of the exhaust, that is to say 5.5 kg


The Matra MS120 is a single-seater entered in the world championship in 1970 by the Matra team

The Matra MS120 finished seventh in the constructors’ championship ahead of Surtess Racing Organisation and behind British Racing Moto

Jean-Pierre Beltoise finished ninth in the drivers’ championship ahead of Emerson Fittipaldi and behind Chris Amon. Henri Pescarolo finished twelfth ahead of Graham Hill and behind Rolf.

The engine is a Matra Sports MS12 V12 engine of 3000 cm³ equipping the MS120 IS A V12 delivering 485 horsepower at 11 400 rpm.


Materials: Inconel 625 thickness 6/10e
primary length tubes: 770 mm
plug order 1-8-5-10-3-7-6-11-2-9-4-12 
Motorisation:  Matra V12 engine
Document available: Drawings and historics pictures
weight :  5kg

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