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Matra MS11-04 exhaust

For this car, we realized a tuned exhaust by respecting the engine development realized by Matra in 1970, which imposed a length of the primary tubes of 770 mm and a diameter of the primary tubes d40

the architecture of the exhaust is a 6-3-3 ; it’s an independent design developed by Matra, which gives to the exhaust a very spectacular look

the exhaust is realized with the same process used by the companions at Matra at the time; the tubes are out of steel. They are bent in one piece following a very old process. Indeed, they are filled with sand of forging. This one is packed until no more movement of the sand in the tube;

Finally, this one is heated to the “red”, then bent by scrupulously respecting templates of spatial position.


The Matra MS11 is a single-seater used by the Matra team during the 1968 world championship season, developed from the successful MS7 F2 car.

The car was driven almost exclusively by Jean-Pierre Beltoise with Henri Pescarolo driving a second car at the end of the season.

Its best outing came at the 1968 Dutch Grand Prix where Beltoise finished second behind Stewart and recorded the fastest lap.

In 1969, Matra shelved the V12 project, concentrating on the DFV-powered MS80.


Materials: Steel XC18 thickness 10/10e
Primaries lenght tubes: 770 mm
Architecture 6-3-3
Motorisation:  Matra V12 engine
Power:  350 ch
Weight :  8kg

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