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Norma M20 TURBO exhaust

In collaboration with the engine tuner EMAP, we have designed a compact and high performance exhaust system,

It contributes to optimize the engine’s power in order to reach 580 hp

it is equipped with a freshair system that keeps the turbo charged during deceleration phases

the temperatures reached by this exhaust system approach 1000°C. For this reason, we have adapted the best material available on the market

on the market: Inconel 625; as well as metal thicknesses chosen in an optimal way to find the best compromise

in terms of weight and reliability

it is supplied with turbine outlet and wastegate outlet


This car was entered in the French mountain championship; the driver Damien CHAMBEROD has racing in his blood and performance in his genes, like his father Bernard who was 5 times French mountain

like his father Bernard who was 5 times champion of France of the mountain


Material: Inconel 625 Epaisseur optimised for each component
Primaries legnht tube: the shorter as possible
Power 580 ch
Motorisation:  Honda 2L engine
Document for engineering: numeric template
Engine tuner :  EMAP

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