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CABRI G2 GUIMBAL helicopter exhaust

Our collaboration with GUIMBAL Helicopters started in 2004.

on his helicopter.

For our company it was both a challenge and a chance to provide our standard as original equipment;

We optimized our design using modern methods: GUIMBAL Helicopters provided us with a digital model of their machine.

This allowed us to design a specific product without concession, perfectly adapted to this aircraft.

By working with the support of digital technology, we were able to exchange our points of view remotely, refine the need, understand the customer’s requirements

and do value analysis on a virtual product;

With this approach, we were able to reduce development costs considerably.  The first prototype exhaust delivered is 98% the version that flies

on all serial Cabri G2 production




he Cabri G2 is a light two-seater helicopter from Guimbal, built mainly in composite materials and using a 145 hp piston engine. Its design uses the latest developments in aeronautical technologies applied to the helicopter (three-blade rotor with ball-joint, ducted anti-torque rotor, engine speed control, electronic ignition, glass cockpit…) and in safety (anti-crash and anti-fire design). As the Cabri G2 must be a certified helicopter, it was designed to meet the requirements of the CS-27 standard.

This industrial project is a real success since 290 machines have been manufactured since 2007. The CABRI has become the best training helicopter recognized worldwide on all continents.


Materials: Inconel 625, stainless steel 316L, steel 15CDV6
Primary lenght tubes: 805 mm
life time n: </more than 4000 h
Motorisation: Engine Lycoming O-360
Approval: Certified with TC
Applicability: Hélicopter CABRI G2, voir fiche

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