Craft and Engineering

Our 30-year presence at the pinnacle of motorsports highlights our unique know-how in the design, and manufacturing, of exhausts and complex mecano-welded parts in fields as diverse as cars, airplanes and industrial research laboratories. We have expertise in forming and assembly of Inconel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steels, and structural steel.
We work with very fine sheets, all the way down to 4/10th of a millimeter. Upon request – based on blue prints or proposals -- we can participate in a wide variety of projects. Our studies incorporate all various technical variables and power plant characteristics.
Our R &D office - equipped with multiple CAO workstations - is on-line with the customer during the initial and manufacturing phases. Thanks to Internet facilities, we can ensure close and real-time collaboration and technical document sharing with our customers’ decision-makers.


Our team of master craftsmen are widely experienced in the most exacting production and welding techniques. We hold Aeronautical-welding authority AIR 0191. Our organization’s flexibility permits us to respond to urgent demands, in short time frames, as often the case in motor racing. A reliable network of suppliers in a wide range of fields (machine tooling, casting, laser-cutting, surface and thermal treatments) allows us to furnish complete mecano-welded parts ready for installation and immediate use on automobiles, aircraft, helicopters and other machines.

Quality Control

All our parts are verified by a « ROMER 3D », in a temperature-controlled (20°C.) environment. An EASA (European-Aviation-Safety-Agency) PART 21 aeronautical agreement formalizes all our manufacturing procedures and processes, part conformity and duplicability