The reinforcement of the wheel axle on our landing gears is a major addition to the original design. Two versions are available:
1. With disc brakes: delivered with Cleveland calipers and discs, which ensure very accurate braking.
2. Drum brakes (original version): drum mounts included.
In both cases the gear legs are shipped either ready for installation or in kit form. They are compatible with all types of skis, including those designed by the Megève Aero club.
We manufacture these to order. In case of wear, we can remanufacture the worn elements. We repair damaged gears; we work on our own parts as originals.


  • Materials: Steel 15CDV6
  • Painting: White EPOXY paint
  • Documentation: Documentation : CDNR
  • Applicability: All range of Jodel-Mousquetaire D140
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