CESSNA 150 Silenced exhaust

The muffler is mounted on the bottom of the fuselage under the cockpit. A double swivel-joint between the exhaust tube and the muffler absorbs vertical and lateral movement.
The muffler must be inspected and reconditioned every 600 hours.
The product is shipped in kit ready form and ready for installation. The complete kit contains: exhaust, muffler, swivel joint (due to installation under the fuselage), associated parts and the installation manual.
We manufacture these on order only.


  • Materials: Inox 316L, steel 15CDV6T, Inconel 625
  • Primary tube lengh: 700 mm
  • Fuel economy: 10%
  • Noise decrease: From 3 to10 db (a) depending on frequencies
  • Power plant benefits : + 50RPM prop speed, vibrations decreased by 50%
  • Motorization: CONTINENTAL 0-200
  • Documentation: EASA Form 1, STC Réf. 38-SF-0001 (CDN)
  • Applicability: Aircrafts CESSNA F150 from F to M and FA150 from K to M