Hight-Performance Exhaust

For aerobatic airplanes, we offer a very high performance exhaust, designed and developed to optimize the output of competition power plants.

Technical characteristics

The exhaust is designed based on the 3-2-1 principle: six primary tubes of identical length of neutral fiber, meeting in two 3 in 1 collectors, themselves joining into 2 in 1. The identical length of the primary tubes, which met in a single collector, equalizes each cylinder’s output and helps a better gaze change. This lowers fuel burn, increases manifold pressure and power output while diminishing vibrations. It also substantially increases cockpit comfort. Thanks to a 3D measuring device, we can precisely determine the space available in the engine compartment, and therefore design a specific and perfectly adapted exhaust configuration. An engine-mounted fixture stabilizes the exhaust to avoid any cracks caused by vibrations.

Weight: another advantage

The whole exhaust is weight optimized thanks to NASA -developed Inconel 625. Formed and welded in very thin tubes, Inconel 625 diminished the exhaust’s weight by 50% compared to stainless steel. Among other advantages it is highly heat and vibration resistant, giving this high performance exhaust long service life. The exhaust gaskets, made of in INOX 316L, are machined.