Aviation Know-How

We offer a wide range of muffled exhausts for General Aviation Aircraft, as well as high performance exhaust for aerobatic aircraft. We manufacture landing gears and air intakes.  We can also modify existing landing gear. We design and manufacture a wide variety of mecano-welded parts for aircraft, helicopters, Ultra lights, etc.  We hold an EASA (European Safety Agency) PART 21-production agreement. We are expert in materials such as Inconel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steels and structural steel. Finally, we can repair all existing aeronautical parts. We hold EASA repair and welding authorizations norm AIR 0191. Upon request, we can come to your airfield, or workshop.


Equipped with multiple CAO workstations, our R&D bureau is available for initial evaluations, pre-production and production designs.  Given our aeronautical and special metals welding expertise, we are also available for consulting work. We work from blueprints, or requests for proposals, and use the Internet for real-time technical exchanges in with our customers.


A highly qualified team guarantees production in strict compliance with our R&D and quality control office, as well as EASA standards. We benefits from the same supplier chain as our automotive branch in machine tooling, surface and thermal treatment, laser cutting and industrial painting.

This collaboration with reliable suppliers ensures that finished parts are fully compliant and ready to be installed. Quality Control is assured in-house inside a temperature controlled environment (20°C) with a « ROMER 3D ». Our PART 21 Production Agreement requires that all our manufacturing steps be formalized, a process, which is followed by our entire production to ensure part reproductability and conformity.