Porshe 993 GT 3 Exhaust

This exhaust, specially designed to optimize the performance of Porsche 997 GT3 motor, lowers the noise level and affords a significant weight reduction. It is made of Inconel 625 in a thickness 6/10 millimeters. Developed by NASA, this material ensures exceptional resistance to high temperatures, allowing for extremely thin skins, -- and corresponding weight loss.
This crucial weight advantage enhances mass balancing, a major plus on this type of car where the exhaust is behind the axle of the rear wheels.  The silencer includes FIA-approved catalyzers designed for competition.
The exhaust’s noise level is tested, and validated, on the demanding Laquais circuit in theEast of France. Comparative noise, engine-performance and torque measurements were recently registered.


  • Weight: Gain 28,700 kg
  • Materials: Inconel 625 -in thickness 6/10
  • Noise decrease: Noise level 100 db
  • Power plant benefits : Over 15 hp at 4500 rpm