This exhaust is specially designed to enhance the ALPINE A110 motor, while fitting neatly into the engine compartment.
It is made of four primary tubes, a 4 in 1 collector and a silenced muffler. The four primary tubes are of identical length, matching the engine’s characteristics.  The four in one collector respects the original ignition sequence. The muffler operates on the principle of absorption. It is removable to help replace soundproofing materials.
It is made from Inox 316L, a material of exceptional mechanical and thermal properties.  It can also be made of Inconel 625 (with excellent thermal qualities) shedding approximately 40% of its weight compared to the Inox 316L version. The primary tubes are offered in interior diameters of either 38mm or 40mm, regardless of the metal chosen.



  • Materials: Inox 316 L or Inconel 625 - tubes inside diam 38 or 40
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