Automotive Expertise

For over thirty years we have manufactured specially -designed exhausts for all types of motorsport racing engines. We are also specialized in suspension triangles and structural parts for rally cars operating on sand, dirt, and asphalt, as well as for endurance prototypes.

We regularly work on parts for GT and collection cars. We can manufacture a wide variety of parts based on existing (including old) blueprints, or photographs. We can also design and manufacture performance-enhancing exhausts for GT cars.

We take part in performance research on the Truck Racing circuit. We also propose our expertise in the design and manufacturing all other mecano-welded parts, and assemblies needing welding of Inconel, titanium, stainless steels and structural steel.


Equipped with CAO workstations, our R&D staff offers advanced technical collaboration in the design and manufacturing of machine tooling and of complex parts for motor racing. We can work from blueprints or requests for proposals. Email exchanges guarantee real-time technical exchanges.


A highly qualified team trained by our master craftsmen in our workshops assures production. This long-standing team guarantees the need for reliability and precision dictated by motorsport competition. Our organization's flexibility is an asset in meeting time-constraints tied to competition.

Our highly qualified suppliers are expert in machine tooling, surface and thermal treatment, laser cutting and industrial painting. Their reliability and proximity represent a crucial plus to our production. Every part is manufactured and finished precisely "as ordered," and is ready for assembly and immediate use on automobiles or other machines.

Quality Control

All parts are factory checked by our « ROMER 3D » in a controlled (20°C) environment and are, upon request, delivered with proof the quality check.